Adaptations Favorite: Shell pillows by Tamar Mogendorff

Shell pillows by Tamar Mogedorff at Adaptations

If you're familiar with Adaptations, you're aware that our aesthetic incorporates shells in practically any manner possible: shell lamps, dishes, sculptures and, of course, pillows – pillows made locally by Brooklyn-based artist and designer Tamar Mogendorff

Tamar’s one-of-a-kind "soft sculptures" have inspired both children and adults for over fourteen years. Her unique style of reinterpreting natural subjects with an artistic hand gained the attention of collectors, interior designers and boutiques worldwide.

At Adaptations, we stock both large and small velvet shells by Tamar. With a range of hues from Misty Blue to Chartreuse, to Rust Pink and our signature Cobalt blue, Tamar's shells play whimsically alongside our At Home geometric pillows and curated vintage pieces.