Decorate your space with plants for the ultimate home vibe

Yellow sofa with abstract art and nesting tables

Plants and well-designed interiors go together like Eames and chairs. 

There's no surprise as to why – the ability for a statement piece of furniture to change the mood of an entire space is truly special, and adding a carefully selected plant to the scene is the perfect way to complement without distraction.

Plants are important not only for aesthetics, but for overall health and happiness. They bring color, texture, oxygen and clarity to a space. By incorporating plants in the home, one can boost mood, concentration, and productivity and even reduce stress. That’s a lot of benefits for something that only needs a bit of water every now and then!

Orange swivel chair with lucite table top, mirror and vase.

As unique and beautiful pieces, our curated selections are meant to be lived with, loved and adorned. Spaces should hold intentions of restoration and joy, and adding a plant or two is the crucial next-step creating your home oasis. 

Cabinet with mirror, hanging lamp and chair with pothos plant

Other than light and water, plants don’t require much else to thrive in a space, so placing them can be a meditative, intuitive experience. Need some inspiration? Adding a fern in a stepped planter creates depth and delight in the space, and looks lovely in place of or adjacent to an end table. A rubber tree creates beautiful moments above a bright circle chair with its broad leaves, while pothos plants drape themselves romantically over shelves and cabinets.