NOVA Fragrances at Adaptations

Nova Fragrances Astrological candle at Adaptations
We're delighted to stock fragrances by our friend NOVA. Founded by Julia Zangrilli in 2012, NOVA boasts thoughtfully formulated unisex scents created to reflect beauty, individuality and nuance. 


Based in Brooklyn and manufactured in New York City using only the finest ingredients, NOVA fragrances are small batch-made and totally phthalate-free. 


Since its launch, NOVA has released 20 + products and collaborated with Opening Ceremony, Loup Charmant, Anna Sheffield, Urban Outfitters, New York Magazine, Victory Journal, Madewell, New.Stand, Giada de Laurentiis and many more.
We're pleased to introduce NOVA Fragrances products at our Adaptations and Porter James boutiques.


Nova Fragrances musk at Adaptations NY
White musk – A take on the classic white musk - it’s affect is reminiscent of heavenly clean laundry, landing somewhere between cotton and silk, cloud and air. Features encompassing notes of Powder, White Amber and Musk with hints of Coconut, Aloe, White Blossoms and Cream. Cozy, clean, ozonic.
Green musk – This dewey, botanical musk is fresh and alive with herbaceous fig and grass notes. Like a meadow after rain. Features lively notes of Fig Stem, Petit Grain, Bamboo, Green Cognac, Clean Musks and Ambers. Fresh, invigorating, springy.
Beige musk – Like the incensed air of an ancient forest - balsamic, spicy, and leathery with warm wood notes. Features smoky notes of Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Peru Balsam, Woody Ambers and Musks. Grounding, earthy, woody. 
Mineral musk – This fresh aquatic blend is abundantly floral and lightly herbal, with effervescent, tonic-like undertones. Features Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Layered Marine Notes, Crisp Ambers and Musks. Jeweled, cleansing, oceanic.
Astrological candles –  Our Astrological Candles are inspired by dynamics of the natural elements, and trio of signs within them. Each candle comes with a comprehensive breakdown of our take on western zodiac archetypes and sheds light on introductory elements of astrology and birth charting. NOVA's candles are tools for tapping into as well as balancing one's born energies and aptitudes. When worked into a ritual, we find that the scents and symbols become reminders of one's  strengths, quirks and intentions. 


NOVA Fragrances SPORT at Porter James of New York

Porter James

SPORT –  SPORT is a citrus + woody amber eau de toilette which nods to the "Sport Splashes" / Sport Colognes of the late 70's through 90's. Designed for all genders, SPORT is minimalist in fragrance structure and light in body to impart a softer affect than its richly designed predecessors. 


Chakra –  Chakra is a unisex fragrance, which channels the masculine edge of an elegant cologne and the lushness of a floral parfum. Its bold heart of Moroccan and Bulgarian rose is deepened by base notes of smoldering tobacco, sharp leather and layers of precious musk and wood. The result is opulent and energetic, polished and modern.